How to Cycle LGD-4033

LGD-4033 is the best SARM out of all for overall sheer mass gains. It is a very potent muscle builder, and can you can expect gains as impressive as 10 pounds of PURE LEAN MUSCLE in a full cycle.


LGD-4033 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) developed to prevent muscle wasting, help fight cancer, greatly enhance lean muscle growth potential and help older individuals maintain strength and lean tissue.

It is non-steroidal, and is ingested orally. It binds to the androgen receptor with an extremely high affinity and selectivity, and once it does this it exerts exceptional anabolic effects in muscle and bone (this equals MORE muscle and MORE strength with FEWER injuries).

What makes LGD-4033 unique is that it is expected to produce the therapeutic benefits of testosterone with improved safety, tolerability and patient acceptance.

LGD is the closest SARM that could be compared to the strength of an anabolic steroid.

You can definitely expect increases in lean muscle mass and decreases in body fat.

The mass gains from LGD are superior to that of any other SARM currently, and ON AVERAGE, we would say 10 pounds of muscle gain is common amongst the logs and results we have seen in individuals.

Results are even more exceptional in those who bust ass training hard and maintain a very good diet.

LGD-4033 is effective with doses as low as 5mg per day, but the “sweet spot” dose is around 10mg per day.

Clinical trials have gone as high as 20mg+ per day with no reported negative side effects, so if your research subject is feeling fine with 10mg you could opt to increase the dose a tad past that.

We would recommend a cycle of around 8-12 weeks, dosing once a day due to LGD-4033’s half-life of 24-36 hours.

PCT is recommended due to LGD being slightly suppressive. Although suppression is unlikely, we would complete the full PCT just to ensure there are no issues post cycle and that you recover as quickly as possible.

Look to use a product containing around 75mg’s of Arimistane and then potentially alongside this some Bulbine or D-Aspartic acid. A product like the Warrior Project Aftermath is a great all-in-one option.

With LGD-4033, you can expect to replicate the therapeutic benefits of real Testosterone.


The size gains that can be made are definitely substantial on LGD, as well as the strength increase and fat loss effects.

We definitely wouldn’t hesitate to say LGD could easily match the gains you would be able to get from mild doses of testosterone.

On paper, LGD is the arguably the STRONGEST SARM there is

Here’s a solid cycle using LGD-4033 for anyone looking to Bulk or re-composition:


Week 1-12: LGD-4033 10mg per day dosed once per day in the AM

Week 1-12: MK-677 20mg per day dosed once per day pre-bed

(Mini-PCT) Week 13-16: 2 servings Aftermath PCT dosed once per day in the AM

*Optional* Week 13-16: MK-677 25mg per day dosed once per day pre-bed (MK-677 is a GH Secretagogue, not a SARM, so it doesn’t cause testosterone suppression and can be used during PCT or even after PCT to help maintain your SARM gains, or even continue making more gains on its own)

Buy your LGD-4033 here or the entire cycle and PCT here for a massive discount price!

So to conclude LGD-4033 is a great legal and MUCH safer alternative to traditional steroids for performance enhancement, and with its’ high level of versatility and minimal side effects it makes it an ideal compound for research in ANY athlete’s quest for maximizing their physique and/or performance.

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